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An Improved AR Process is a Game Changer for West Technology Group


Founded in St. Lucia in April of 2010, West Technology Group excels at helping small and medium sized businesses maximize their productivity and profitability by providing reliable and affordable technical support. Functioning as their clients’ comprehensive IT department, their team boasts that their services are more advantageous than a full-time internal team at a fraction of the cost. Over the last five years, founder Rashid Jean-Baptiste’s passion for technology has been an integral part of servicing residential customers and businesses across all spectrums. But internally, their AR Process was just short of chaotic.

A Victim of Their Own Success

As West Technology Group grew from a small startup to major a B2B player across all of St. Lucia, their accounts receivable management became unmanageable.

“There were many frustrations because there was not an organized process for AR management,” Jean-Baptiste reflected. Just as their clients’ IT problems were put to rest, the AR team had another invoice to chase down. Even with two full-time staff members and a consultant dedicated to AR management, the invoices started to pile up.”

A Solution to the AR Process

ar-process-solutionJean-Baptiste eventually found Funding Gates AR Platform. His AR team was in need of a quick solution that allowed for integration with their Accounting System. And as a business owner, Jean-Baptiste wanted more peace of mind and control over West Technology Group’s cash flow.

Seven months after adopting Funding Gates’ software, Jean-Baptiste saw an incredible transformation, “There’s not only been an increase in the collection amount each month and less outstanding invoices, but we have become a lot more organized in that department in general.”

The average days beyond terms for West Tech’s AR dropped by an astounding 25%–from 66 days, to 50 days.

“The weekly report highlighting the total amount due, as well as the breakdown into different categories based on the past due age provided us with an easy method to handle our most delinquent clients,” Jean-Baptiste reflected. “I can’t imagine how our team would manage without it.”

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