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Extra Pair of Hands Raises the Bottom Line at Social Intelligence


As the office admin at Social Intelligence, a bustling data analytics company, Alexis Leitner had a lot on her plate. In addition to her day-to-day tasks, she was processing more and more new invoices and payments. She just didn’t have the time to follow up with all the delinquent customers.

Managing outstanding AR was a task that had been passed around to a few different people at Social Intelligence before it landed on Leitner’s desk. Along the way, delinquent customers had become a real problem, but one that she just didn’t have the time to solve. Delinquent receivables were growing and really starting to affect the financial health of the business.

Leitner knew something had to be done. She discussed lots of options with the CEO, and they had plenty of ideas, but they kept coming back to the same issue. Who on their team had time to address the issue? They clearly needed a more comprehensive solution and someone to execute it! Then they found Funding Gates’ receivables management platform.

Since adding a Funding Gates to their team, Social Intelligence has seen a significant decline in their overdue accounts. Their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) has dropped 54% since starting with Funding Gates.

Customers who have never paid have even started paying or are on payment plans.

“We’ve seen payments from customers who have never paid us before.” said Leitner.

The solution was simple, they needed a tool that was easy-to-use yet powerful to prioritize their customer accounts, and create targeted outreach campaigns, while at the same time maintaining a positive working relationship with their customers.

Leitner’s day-to-day is much less stressful now. She no longer has to worry about past due AR, it’s in good hands. The reports and analytics within Funding Gates allows her to know exactly the statuses of all customer accounts, how much cash flow is expected to come in and track her and her team’s KPIs.

Leitner describes her experience with Funding Gates three succinct takeaways “less stress, great numbers, amazing to work with!”

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