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Got Invoices?, Receivables Management

Got Past Due Invoices? Here’s How To Successfully Collect!

Past due invoices. 2/3 of American small businesses have them. In fact, it’s often estimated that 20% of all invoices will be paid late- so it’s a fact of business-life you can count on. Here how to make sure the problem doesn’t get…

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True Story: I Was a Delinquent Payer

All businesses should make sure they’re making it as easy as possible for customers or clients to pay their invoices. This blog is the perspective of a delinquent payer, to help you understand why delinquent customers don’t pay, and how to…

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Management, Money

A Guide To Home Based Business Tax Deductions

Small business owners have to be more in-tune with tax laws than your average working adult. After all, the home based business tax deductions you take at the end of the year has a direct impact on your bottom line……

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Get a Grip on Your Business Finances Before Year-End

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to get a grip on your small business’s year end finances and receivables so you finish 2014 in top shape. With both your business and your customers’ likely…

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The 3 Things All Business Owners Should Know About Pricing

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners have all faced the question at some point: “How much should I charge?” There are two schools of thought about pricing out your work, but both of them agree that you should not be choosing…

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Got Invoices?, Money

Common Acronyms for Invoices, Billing, and Contract Terms

Acronyms are common abbreviations used in the business world for forms like invoices, bills, and contract terms. If you have no idea what an IC is or how to fill out an I/O, don’t sweat it- we’re here to answer…

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The Biggest Threat to Small Businesses in 2014 and Beyond: Data Breaches

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so we wanted to bring you all a comprehensive guide to the biggest threat to small businesses in today’s world: data breaches. Unfortunately for many unprepared small businesses, 2013 was the year that…

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Management, Money

6 Ways You May Be Undercharging for Your Work & How to Fix It

Whether you’re selling handmade goods on Etsy, pricing out a new contracting job, or selling your freelance services – underselling the worth of your products and services is a common problem in the small business world. Why? When small businesses…

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Management, Money, Trends

The Secret to Automating Collections without Losing the Human Element

Managing accounts receivable is about managing relationships. And with any business, some relationships are good and others are not so good. Often times, finance executives and managers tend to oversimplify the A/R process. There is a stigma associated with “collections,”…

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Save Yourself Time, Effort & Money with These 5 High-Tech Office Gadgets!

Technology is transformational.  It has the ability to significantly change your work climate by making things more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.  If the small business that you own is lacking gadgets and you want to know which ones will be…

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