Case Studies

AR Management at Vryian Inc. Shifts Hands Seamlessly

When the employee responsible for Vryian Inc.’s AR management went on medical leave unexpectedly, CEO Sath Sivasothy feared that the process of managing invoices for over 2,000 customers would collapse into chaos. Between distributing electronic components for a multitude of…

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Begin with The End in Mind: Be Upfront About Your AR Policy

Getting paid what your company is owed may sound like a simple and straightforward endeavor, but the reality is that 64% of small businesses experience financial stress or struggles due to late payments. How can this be? As the makers…

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Receivables Management

AR Management Best Practices : The Proactive Payment Reminder

Past due invoices can be a real strain on a small business’ financials. There are many things you can do, before the invoice is even due, to prevent delinquent payments. Your contract, payment terms, invoice design and a proactive payment…

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The 8 Best Resources for AR Management

Want to get paid faster? Want to manage your receivables like an absolute pro? Thanks to the revolution that is the internet, there are more tools and resources available for free (and right at your fingertips) than ever that can…

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