Customer Service, Management

Why Everyone on Your Team Should Do Customer Service

Photo Credit Listening to customer feedback can be the difference between a successful business and one that never quite reaches its full potential. But with modern technology – where an email can be opened on any computer and a phone…

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Management, Marketing & Strategy

How to Survive a Bad YELP Review

It’s hard to escape negativity and the internet doesn’t make it any easier for small businesses to avoid negative reviews. Websites like YELP have a reputation for rocking the proverbial boat and causing fallouts so unbelievable that they’ve even resorted…

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Keep Your Clients Close, But Not Too Close

As you work with a client over a long period of time, your relationship with that client will change and grow. It’s great to become closer with your clients and foster your relationships, but it’s also important to keep your…

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Management, Money

How Saying “No” Can Strengthen Your Client Relationship

In order to keep your customers paying you on time – and happy to do so – you need to proactively maintain your relationship with them. And in order to keep up a good relationship with your clients, you need…

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FG Philosophy & News, Management

Laying the Groundwork for a Positive Client Relationship

One of the most important ways to get paid on time isn’t about giving yourself good invoicing habits or having a well-crafted collections letter. These things are important, of course, but even more essential to your long-term success is fostering…

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