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What Do Online Reviews Have to Do with Your Business and Its Success?

We’ve all heard about how notoriously sinister Yelpers can be.  In one review, they can bring a business to its knees and make its owner cry out in mercy.  Yelp seems to be the popular place for people to go…

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Halloween Edition: Surviving The Customer From Hell

You might have heard some ghost stories as a child, but if you’re in the business world, there is nothing quite as scary as a bad customer. From the chronic complainer to the downright hard to handle, dealing with horrible…

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Customer Service, Management

How to Creatively Build Customer Relationships

In 2003, Zappos was a small 90-person company short on cash and struggling with hard fought growth. Today, this same business houses over 1,800 employees and generates over a billion dollars in merchandise sales, becoming one of the premier ecommerce…

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Friends with Customers: Collection Recovery From Those You Know Best

Small business has many unique attributes, opportunities that are available only because of the size of the business and the accessibility. One of those is that as a business person, you are at times able to conduct business with some…

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