The Right To Leave Bad Reviews

As online reviews become a larger part of consumers’ lives and decision-making processes, it’s no surprise that businesses are trying to take back some of the control. But suing or fining customers for posting negative reviews is not the best…

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Management, Marketing & Strategy

How to Survive a Bad YELP Review

It’s hard to escape negativity and the internet doesn’t make it any easier for small businesses to avoid negative reviews. Websites like YELP have a reputation for rocking the proverbial boat and causing fallouts so unbelievable that they’ve even resorted…

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Customer Service, Marketing & Strategy

Customer Loyalty Programs: Are They Worth The Cost?

Customer loyalty programs seem to encourage repeat business but are they worth their cost?  As a start-up you’ll do just about anything you can (legally) to get the word out about the products and services you provide.  One incentive that…

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FG Philosophy & News, Money

The Final Countdown: Last Minute Collection Letter Tactics for Severely Delinquent Customers

There will always be those customers who don’t seem to want to pay, no matter how many invoices or well-crafted reminder letters you send. Hopefully your business can avoid these people, but if not, here are some tactics to help…

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