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What Emotions Trigger Customers To Buy

Love. Hate. Fear. Jealousy. Trust. Competition. In many ways, emotions are what make the world go round. Emotions are why we do what we do—especially why we do what we do when we’re acting impulsively.  When it comes to marketing…

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FG Philosophy & News, From the Desk of JM

From The Desk of JM: 3 Crucial Lessons for Running a Business

The dream of running a successful business is almost never accomplished on your first try. But we know that’s never stopped small business owners from preserving and continuing to strive towards a workable idea. My Co-founder and I have been…

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Customer Service, Management

Why You Should Try “Nudging” Customers

How can you get your customers or employees to do what you’d like them to, without “telling them what to do”? The latest research and management theories favor a technique called nudging. It attempts to affect how people think, instead…

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10 Tactics For Small Businesses to Increase Customer Loyalty

For most small businesses, acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining current customers. Small businesses owners should prioritize increasing customer loyalty as a central part of their overall business plan. Owners should actively maintain their customer relationships, rather than focus solely…

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Want To Grow Your Business? Let Your Customers Be Your Guide!

In today’s world of small business, your should definitely listen to what your customers want. You can grow your business by quickly implementing customer feedback or suggestions to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction. However, gaining customer feedback to…

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