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Get Paid On Time: Your Receivables Starter Kit

You not only want you customers to pay you faster, but you want to get paid on time. Is that really to much to ask?┬áNo! However, it can’t be done without work, so it’s time for a little small business…

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Reduce DSO: Minimizing Your Days Sales Outstanding

There’s no reason to beat around the bush. Plain and simple, a lack of cash to operate with will literally kill your small business. In fact, poor cash flow management destroys businesses of all size, every year. What makes “proper…

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Explained

Enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act essentially prevents debt collectors from harassing any individuals. While people are no longer shackled and imprisoned for debt, some collectors have continued to use notoriously thuggish tactics to…

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