Receivables Management

AR Management Best Practices : The Proactive Payment Reminder

Past due invoices can be a real strain on a small business’ financials. There are many things you can do, before the invoice is even due, to prevent delinquent payments. Your contract, payment terms, invoice design and a proactive payment…

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FG Philosophy & News

How to Reduce Your Days Sales Outstanding By Over 50%

Here at Funding Gates, we love seeing how every day the FG Receivables Manager helps businesses seriously reduce their delinquent accounts. The conversations we have with our customers on a daily basis are inspiring as we learn how these companies…

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Reduce DSO: Minimizing Your Days Sales Outstanding

There’s no reason to beat around the bush. Plain and simple, a lack of cash to operate with will literally kill your small business. In fact, poor cash flow management destroys businesses of all size, every year. What makes “proper…

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