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Red Flag Indicators of Late Paying (or Non-Paying) Customers

Dean Kaplan, The Kaplan Group Not getting paid is very painful.  Once an invoice is past due, the chances of collecting decline more than 1% per week according to annual surveys by the Commercial Law League of America. By the…

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Five Ridiculous Invoice Design Fails – DO NOT attempt

Invoices are a standard part of doing business, yet these still deserve some attention. A bad invoice will only add to your DSO problems. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the secrets to great invoice design right here.  When in doubt, just don’t…

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Got Past Due Invoices? Here’s How To Successfully Collect!

Past due invoices. 2/3 of American small businesses have them. In fact, it’s often estimated that 20% of all invoices will be paid late- so it’s a fact of business-life you can count on. Here how to make sure the problem doesn’t get…

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Calling Before the Due Date: How Proactive Contact Could Get You Paid on Time

Editor’s note: Pss…we have FREE call scripts to help you on your collection calls HERE In a perfect world, all of your clients would send you timely payments for each billing cycle. You could send out invoices, and the payments…

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Creating Invoices That Motivate On Time Payment

Have you ever wondered why so many businesses use a blue and green color scheme? Blue and green are obviously pleasing colors without any clear affiliation, but there are also other layers to these choices – trust and messaging. Learning…

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Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers: Harvest vs. FreshBooks

You didn’t become a freelancer to also become an accountant. However, you’ve got to take care of your books if you want to get paid. And let’s be honest, if you’re a freelancer, you know what it’s like to not…

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