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The Follow-Up: How to Make Every Collection Call You Make More Effective

One simple rule will make your collection calls infinitely more effectual: follow up every single time. The great thing about phone calls is the immediacy of the conversation. You can come to an agreement much faster with a back-and-forth that…

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How to Gracefully Make the Final Threatening Collection Call

When the traditional strategies for making collection calls to clients isn’t working, you need to begin taking the next steps to collect the overdue payment. Your first collection call was a friendly reminder that the payment was overdue, and you…

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8 Ways to Encourage On-Time Payment Habits

The question of getting paid is always a sensitive subject, and late payments can cause riffs between perfectly amiable vendor/client relationships. How can you avoid missed payments and help your clients make a habit of paying on time? There are…

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Using Contracts to Get Paid on Time

What if you could get more clients to pay you on time, without investing more of your valuable resources into that painful process? Adding the right language to a contract at the beginning of a project can help make sure…

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