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Begin with The End in Mind: Be Upfront About Your AR Policy

Getting paid what your company is owed may sound like a simple and straightforward endeavor, but the reality is that 64% of small businesses experience financial stress or struggles due to late payments. How can this be? As the makers…

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Receivables Management

Beware: Industries Most Prone to Late-Paying Customers

Payment delays are among the most significant inhibitors to positive cash flow and growth for many businesses. But some industries are more likely to be late in paying their bills than others. But which are the industries most prone to…

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The Best Strategies For Successful Collection Calls

When a customer hasn’t paid on time and isn’t responding to collections emails or letters, it’s time to pick up the phone. Having to make collections phone calls can be a pain, but by preparing well, you will make the…

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How Saying “No” Can Strengthen Your Client Relationship

In order to keep your customers paying you on time – and happy to do so – you need to proactively maintain your relationship with them. And in order to keep up a good relationship with your clients, you need…

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