Marketing & Strategy

What Emotions Trigger Customers To Buy

Love. Hate. Fear. Jealousy. Trust. Competition. In many ways, emotions are what make the world go round. Emotions are why we do what we do—especially why we do what we do when we’re acting impulsively.  When it comes to marketing…

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Customer Service, Marketing & Strategy

Yes, Good Customer Service CAN Lead Directly to Sales!

Customer service- it’s for much more than just solving problems and preventing “churn”. It can be one of your most powerful tools to increasing sales and profits! Likelihood of Word of Mouth Referrals Word of mouth referrals are one of…

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Management, Money

6 Ways You May Be Undercharging for Your Work & How to Fix It

Whether you’re selling handmade goods on Etsy, pricing out a new contracting job, or selling your freelance services – underselling the worth of your products and services is a common problem in the small business world. Why? When small businesses…

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8 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Business Before Summer Ends

It’s the final days of summer—a season when, for many small businesses, work slows down. With clients out of town and a little spare time on your hands, the last few weeks of summer are a perfect time to take…

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Marketing & Strategy, Money

How To Make The “Free Lunch” Sales Tactic Work For You

The Free Lunch is a sales tactic has been around nearly as long as there have been American businesses to begin with. Before jumping on the band wagon for this popular sales tactic, make sure you understand the logic of the Free…

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