What B2B Customers Want: Your Contact Page

Part One: B2B customers are a unique group of consumers. They are often “shopping” with purpose, feel more pressure to make the “correct”/best decision than a B2C customer feels, and tend to be incredibly busy. When making considering a purchase,…

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Marketing & Strategy

Why Your Business’ Website is a Low-Cost Game Changer

This baby just created a webpage for his business, and it’s already making a big difference! Has your business hit a bit of a slump or plateau? When is the last time you took stock of your business’ website design? And…

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Marketing & Strategy, Trends

Small Business Website Ideas: 12 Ways to Optimize!

Optimizing, it means so much more than just SEO now. Everyone knows that for your storefront, the most important thing is location, location, location! Well when it comes to your online presence, the key is optimization, optimization, optimization! You want…

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